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About the Book: Horsing Around in the Town of Gold Hill

It’s National Author’s Day… a day to acknowledge how books play a major role in our lives and to take a moment to appreciate their creators. As a new children’s book author (and longtime book lover) I recognize how books have the ability to teach, entertain, and move us. I remember the simple delight of bonding with story books at an early age. The possibility of being able to provide that experience, as a new author, to young readers today is a joy! “Horsing Around In The Town Of Gold Hill: A Story To Stirrup The Imagination And Spur Creativity” was written to encourage the FUN of reading, as it is a complex process that requires practice, perseverance and patience for new readers. 

Did you know that this book is written entirely in rhyme? Writing in rhyme was probably the biggest challenge I faced while writing this book. I wanted the cadence of this story’s rhyme scheme to resemble the rhythm of a walking horse. Stories in rhyme provide a fun way for kids to expand their vocabulary and pronunciation skills. They can often figure out how to say a word and know its meaning by the rhyming context in which it’s placed. I am drawn to the rhythm. I think a mistake for many writers is that they make the rhyme more important than the story, at the expense of the dialogue and plot.

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