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About the Book: Horsing Around in the Town of Gold Hill

In 2010, our community experienced a fast moving wildfire that threatened much of what I love; our home, our livelihoods, our pets, and this place with all of its natural beauty, rich history, abundant wildlife, and colorful, quirky neighbors that live here. Though many homes were lost in that fire, much of our community was spared. As drought conditions persist in America’s western states, the threat of wildfire is still very real. For now, the town of Gold Hill is still here. This story instills in readers a sense of respect and appreciation for the area’s unique and natural beauty. Further, it encourages responsibility for a positive relationship with it.

Also, mental health experts have observed an increase in bullying in recent years. It’s occurring at a higher frequency and with more severity at school and online. Kids who’ve experienced bullying are more likely to be highly self-critical. These are self-limiting beliefs that constrain and act as filters through which we see the world. Just believing that we cannot achieve something, restricts us from ever achieving it. Because most self-limiting beliefs are created during the developmental stages of childhood, this book aims to inspire kids to view new challenges as exciting rather than intimidating and to encourage children to be kind and supportive to other children who are struggling.

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