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On The Banks Of Lefthand Creek

Studio 2It’s been seven months since the floodwater ripped through our property, specifically my studio. The distance between my studio and the edge of Lefthand Creek used to be 20ft. Now, it is 5ft. The force of the flood eroded the banks in some places and left piles of rock, sand, and debris in others. Now, with the threat of a high Spring run-off, it feels as though my sanity is eroding, too. Yes, the flood took a lot with it, and it also left some things behind…

One thing it has left, as I salvage my studio, is a strong urge to reevaluate my workspace. It has forced me to ask myself, ‘What helps me stay creative, productive, and inspired?’ And while I reorganize my materials and sand the rust off my tools, ‘Does this support the work I am doing? Is this functional?’ At every step, I ask, ‘Is this still a reflection of my overall vision?’ Then I get rid of anything that doesn’t encourage and support wild ideas and creative inspiration. The good thing about reevaluating one’s workspace is that it forces us to be more intentional about the things we surround ourselves with that spark creativity. I recommend it! But, for the record, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have to add that having a flood was not my idea at all. However, it did initiate a royal flushing out of the old, pretty much like a giant ‘life enema,’ making room for the new. How we continue to recover has yet to be determined. Stay tuned! Because in the weeks and months ahead I’ll be asking myself, ‘How do I get this big piece of asphalt out of here?’ and ‘Could this wheelbarrow full of rocks be any heavier?’ and ‘What the fuck is a gabion?’

As I’ve said many times, I believe if you want to do kickass work, your workspace itself must kick ass. A creative space must provide, in addition to freedom from typical and traditional restraints, a sanctuary. I am excited to see what we manifest. 

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