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Tucson, La-La Land, And Other Travel Destinations

Always drink upstream from the herd…. It’s wise advice, and I share it frequently. But, I don’t always follow it myself. Because lately it seems I’ve been drinking upstream, downstream, next to, and with the herd. Well, it’s my birthday month, what can I say? But, enough about March for now, let us remember February…..

February was AWESOME! Once again, the crew… and by ‘crew’ I mean my husband and our travelling zoo of three dogs and two cats… piled into the camper and headed South to Tucson, Arizona so I could attend the Gem & Mineral Show. That’s where I buy the stones to make my jewelry, but there are other attractions, too, like  Mexican food, really good margaritas, warm, sunny weather, great hiking trails, cute javalinas, friends… and really good margaritas… So it’s been brought to my attention throughout my life that I do not exactly have a “Type A” personality. However, I think it’s safe to say that my husband does. He is driven, assertive, ambitious, organized, and proactive. I am relaxed, easy-going, with no sense of time schedule, and in some cases, I lack an overriding sense of urgency. The phrase “la-la land” got its start with me. You can imagine how irritating this would be to a “Type A.” And thus, I have paid very close attention to my husband’s examples in this regard. So, when planning this road trip, first to Tucson, and then on to Tubac where I would vend at the five day Tubac Arts Festival, I was on top of it. I made reservations. I inquired about having pets. I got phone numbers, addresses, directions, and time schedules. I looked up the weather forecast. I even charged my cell phone, all grown-up-like. It was as if responsibility was just oozing out from me. If you are “Type B,” DO NOT DO THIS. Do not think you are suddenly “Type A” ever. I will tell you why. Because you will forget the tent poles, that’s why. Yes, the canopy tent that I use to vend my jewelry at out-door fairs and festivals, the main reason for driving the fifteen hours down there, requires POLES to set it up. This did not sit well with my husband.

So after the meltdown, I approached another vendor, who makes beautiful ceramic, mixed-media pieces by the way, and asked if she might have an extra canopy tent lying around and if I might borrow it for five days. And SHE DID! And I COULD! So, in hindsight, the forgotten tent poles were a tragedy, but they provided an important lesson. The lesson to be learned from this experience is…. Don’t Even Try. And to think I am just learning this lesson now! Believe me, I will have this mastered by my next birthday.

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