Cowboy's Sweetheart Jewelry

Cowboy’s Sweetheart….. It’s kind of a big deal!

Well, it’s been a while. But here I am again…. Hi!

A lot has been happening here in the land of Cowboy’s Sweetheart. And let me tell you something about this, you guys: I have received a veritable package of delight! This includes money and an engraved plaque. YES. SERIOUSLY! It turns out that I have been awarded the 2010 Jewelry Design Business Development Grant from Halstead Bead, Inc. I am most proud of this award because of its equal emphasis on both artistic merit and business savvy. Entrants had to demonstrate extraordinary design and strong business strategy, a balance I continually strive to achieve. And being predominately right-brained, this has been a challenge for me. There is a lot to figure out, being a new, small business owner, and often I have to just make it up as I go. I enjoy the ride with gratitude for where I have been and with excitement for where I am going. But, mostly, I am grateful for the opportunities the present moment brings, allowing me to achieve personal and professional goals and to grow as an individual and as an artist.  I appreciate that Halstead Bead recognizes and values the genre of art jewelry (also known as bridge jewelry, the link between costume and fine jewelry). You can check out their website here. And you can fan them on Facebook here. But whatever you do, don’t go here. Again, thanks for your continued support and interest in Cowboy’s Sweetheart Jewelry… it’s kind of a big deal!

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