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Increase Your Earring Potential

I read, or rather misread, something in the newspaper recently. What I should have read were the words “Increase your earning potential.” But, of course, what I saw was “increase your earring potential.” Truly, there is no hope for me. But let us put that aside for now and focus instead on what I thought I read, because it got me thinking… How do you know if you have “Earring Potential?” And, more importantly, how do you increase your ‘Earring Potential?’ I will address these questions now.

Earrings have the ability to make or break an ensemble. You may wonder how such a small accessory can possess so much power. But the reason women accessorize at all is to complement what they’ve already got going on. So, that being said, if you have ears, you have ‘Earring Potential’. Your ears, however, are on either side of your face, and this is where things can get tricky.

Your face shape can help determine what earring style will most complement your appearance. As a general rule I have found that opposites complement.

For example, if you have a round face shape, round, hoop or stud earrings may not be the way to go. Likely, they will only enhance the roundness of your face. Instead, you might select a pair of long, dangly or chandelier earrings to balance out your overall appearance. Angular shapes often look good on you.

 If you have an oblong or rectangular shaped face, long and dangly earrings may have the effect of further elongating your appearance. Simple, round earrings, like hoops or studs, would probably add a little width and complement your facial features. Short and bold styles often look good on you. Women with oval shaped faces can pull off many different earring styles. Medium length danglies often look great on you. Avoid earrings that extend below your jaw line since they tend to elongate your face. However, studs, smaller hoops, and triangular shaped earrings are often good choices.

Women with heart shaped faces can also wear dangly, chandelier earrings. Earrings that are heavier or wider on the bottom are often good choices for you. Steer away from long, thin styles.

Women with square shaped faces should avoid large, angular earrings. Simple, smooth, curved shapes are the best earring styles for you.

So… in review… shorter, wider earrings tend to make one’s face appear shorter and rounder. Longer, thinner earrings tend to elongate one’s face. The idea is to balance out your facial features with earrings of complementary shapes, thus increasing your “Earring Potential.”

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