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I’m Not A One Trick Pony

Being a small business owner requires wearing many hats. It is the variety of responsibilities, though, that makes this one-woman operation interesting. At any time, I could be office manager, designer, boss lady, photographer, marketer, receptionist, production assistant, janitor, or shipper. It becomes especially interesting when I have to wear two hats at once, like next week, when I will be conducting a formal year-end job performance evaluation with myself. Boss lady AND employee. You see my dilemma. But being professional and all, I will show up at the appointed time with my questions, answers, suggestions, numbers, and fifteen pieces of flair, ready to review the past year’s business accomplishments and set some new goals for the upcoming year. I intend to ask for a raise. And a vacation. (I have already begun mentally rehearsing what I will say.) You would think this would be a fairly easy request for me to make of myself since I am a reasonable and compassionate boss and a well-intentioned, hard-working employee. But it will force me, no doubt, to steer the conversation toward “Areas That Need Improvement,” such as:

1. Safety- Seriously, how many times will you hammer and saw your fingers?

…which will lead me to…

2.Professionalism- I notice a marked increase in the use of profanity after a solid hammer blow to the finger.

…which will then bring me to…

3.Responsibility- Who stocked the first aid kit with Scooby Doo band aids?

…And so on. You get the idea.

A review like this could quite possibly drive one to the edge of madness, which is why every seasoned small business owner knows to stock the company fridge with beer. So, with a bemused gleam in my eye, I am looking back with fondness upon those relatively pleasing business moments during the past year when I created a really meaningful custom piece of jewelry for someone, or received some especially positive recognition, or was able to contribute to some worthy charitable organization, or helped someone feel beautiful… all with only a minimal amount of blood shed! It dawns on me now, that all of those studio ‘mishaps’ should really be considered to be plusses, because, without them, I might not learn (Ouch!), and my little business could not grow. Thank you for a productive and creative 2010, people! And Happy New Year!

And remember… always speak your mind, but ride a fast horse!

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